Dating Coaches & Personal Development

Whether you need a refresher course in getting back into the groove of dating or you have been “just dating” with little sign of developing a serious relationship, then our dating consulting packages are an excellent coaching series for you. Get prepared to enter your next relationship with the wisdom and self-confidence necessary to be able to make it last a lifetime.

At Joy of Romance, we coach individuals to be their personal best in relationship and assist them in creating a plan to attract love into their life. Clients who begin our unique coaching process will go through a ten to twelve session program of personal development and dating coaching. More often than not, our clients say it was the preparation they received during these coaching sessions that allowed them to gain clarity and have the ability to attract their current partner.

During your dating coaching, you will gain a clearer perspective of your relationship patterns, the value you bring to a partnership, how certain patterns you have picked up from your childhood, your parents and past relationships can both positively and negatively affect your future relationship success, and how to effectively use what you have learned from this process to be your personal best in relationship. By the last session, you will have the tools and insight needed to more clearly decipher amidst potential candidates who your most perfect partner will be, and then how to bring out the best in them.

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