Rules of Engagement Strategic Plan

Attack the Issues Together

Not One Another


You come into your relationship with set ways of dealing with conflict. By taking the time to understand your patterns, including those of communication and conflict, you will be able to strategically work together as a team to attack issues as they arise instead of striking out at one another or at the relationship itself.

Allow the Joy of Romance Team to guide you in the proven step-by-step development of your relationship’s own Rules of Engagement Strategic Plan. During the process, you will create a shared vision of where you want to be in five, ten and even thirty years down the road. With that picture clearly in your mind and with the valuable tools we teach you, you will be able to diffuse the heat of most future arguments allowing you to learn valuable lessons about yourself and your partner. With your own Rules of Engagement in place, life’s hurdles will become ways for you to grow closer, establishing a more solid, loving foundation. Your challenges now shift into opportunities for personal and spiritual growth.

Growing up we receive no formal training on how to proactively argue or approach difficult conversations. Each partner comes to the relationship with differing life experiences, ways of communicating and dealing with conflict. In order to increase your chances of relationship success, the need to know how to address challenging issues is paramount. In fact, many studies reveal if you do not argue with your partner you have a much higher propensity to get divorced. So take the time now to establish your personalized Rules of Engagement, for with them you will have a mutually agreed upon ways of approaching your relationship’s personal challenges while remaining heart centered. Take the challenge—develop your Rules of Engagement.

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