“When Baby Makes Three” A Roadmap to Relationship Success When Starting a Family

Whether you are just starting a family or already have little ones, you know when “baby makes three”, things CHANGE. You are exhausted, at times confused, overwhelmed and rapidly need to make adjustments to accommodate the fact that things never go back to pre-baby life. Working with the Joy of Romance Team before and after you start a family will give you a proactive approach to addressing your and your partner’s changing needs. We create a game plan for both maintaining sanity and finding the time to nurture your romantic relationship. Through our unique style of coaching, you will gain an understanding of the chemical, psychological and emotional changes that often occur after a baby is born and throughout the first several years of parenthood.

The Joy of Romance Team assists you during this critical time by working with you to create a Passion Survival Roadmap and by helping you customize your own Play Date Kit. By taking these steps toward relationship success now, in the future you won’t have to invest in costly marriage and couples counseling to address the issues that come from years of neglect. Children who witness their parents in a strong, consistent and loving relationship develop more secure attachment patterns, can self-soothe easier, potty train earlier and overall develop more quickly. Learn how to be effective and efficient with the time you have together as a couple. Your love and your family deserve this. Start now—be proactive! Let Joy of Romance make your relationship maintenance fun, sexy and intelligent!

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