Our Commitment

Relationships are a tango between the yin and yang-the masculine and feminine.  At Joy of Romance, we teach our clients how to gracefully dance through life with their partner.

We offer more than just matchmaking and relationship counseling. Whether you are single trying to find a relationship, dating, engaged and in preparation for marriage, newlyweds, just starting a family or have been married for years – the Joy of Romance Team can assist you in creating a passionate and thriving relationship.

Our approach is based on the chemistry, neurobiology and psychology of love, practical wisdom and proven principles consistently found in successful relationships. We guide you to identify and understand your relationship patterns. By gaining insight into these patterns, you will be able to work with them instead of being blindly piloted by them.

We make the “how to” of maintaining your relationship fun, sexy and intelligent.  We equip you with the tools necessary to decipher and understand the love languages of those closest to you.  By working with you to discover how you personally give and receive love, we provide you with key insights for relationship success.

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