Bern and Kelli

With economic pressures, environmental changes, and the onslaught of negativity around us, the old adage that marriage is work could not be more appropriate in our day and age.  After attending Joy Nordenstrom’s classes and having private sessions, we have been able to rise above and insulate our relationship from these external influences.  Having extremely busy career lives, Joy gave us tools, tips and techniques to maximize the time spent together and be the best we can be for ourselves and our relationship.  She also helped us discover our love language and the many patterns we both brought into the marriage. This understanding allowed us to cultivate more empathy, further develop our interpersonal communication skills, and recognize when our patterns rear themselves in emotional situations.” - Bern Kirkland, IT Director at Mark Monitor & Kelli Duehning, Chief, Western Law Division, U.S. Citizenship & Immigration Services

Darren Jacklin, Professional Speaker, Corporate Trainer, Business Coach & Best Selling Author

After attending various lectures and classes given by Joy Nordenstrom, I was impressed with the depth of her knowledge on what it takes to be your best in partnership. I also loved the fact that it wasn’t a cookie cutter, one size fits all answer.

By working one-on-one with Joy, she was able to help me uncover certain patterns and conditioning that I have been bringing into my love relationships. I was able to see which were serving my greater good, which were engrained into who I am as a person, and which I might want to shift in the future in order to become my highest self in partnership.

I appreciate Joy’s integrity and passion for helping others create and maintain thriving relationships, and her practical wisdom. I would highly recommend working with her whether you are single or in a relationship.”

- Darren Jacklin, Professional Speaker, Corporate Trainer, Author

Garth Sandiford, Radio Show Host & Releationship Coach

Joy Nordenstrom is one of the most captivating people that I know when it comes to the topics of love, dating, and relationships. She has the ability to take the complicated language of love and explain it to you in a way that leaves you with a complete understanding of what it is and what you need to do in order to be happy and fulfilled in your love and relationship life.

Anyone that has an opportunity to work with Joy will no doubt experience personal transformation in their love life. Joy is one of a kind and I am always in consistent awe of the depth and breath of here knowledge of the topic of love.”

- Garth Sandiford, Relationship Coach & Radio Host of Chattin’ In Manhattan

Donna Fujii, CEO Donna Fujii Inc.

I have had the privilege of attending several of Joy’s classes and events. I am always amazed at the subtle tips and lessons I learn from her that have significant impact in my relationships, not only with my husband but also with my friends and colleagues. Joy creates a warm, friendly and supportive environment allowing her audience to feels comfortable and safe to ask questions, share feelings and personal stories. I would recommend her classes and private coaching to anyone who wants to be their best in their relationships.”


- Donna Fujii, CEO of Donna Fujii, Inc., award-winning author of the best-selling book Color With Style, top image & color consultant

Joy is my ‘go-to’ expert on love, sex, dating and relationships! Her expertise is invaluable!” - Marcus Osborne, Founder & CEO of Straight Male Friend Media, LLC, Author, Speaker, Coach


Janice Edwards, Host & Executive Producer


Joy Nordenstrom brings light, effervescent enthusiasm, sensuality and scientific strategy to the art of romance. It is always a pleasure to interview her because of her unique research and creative ideas for nurturing romance in relationships. In a world where the hunger for lasting love is great and satisfaction is sometimes elusive, Joy has recipes for a tantalizing successful romance.”


- Janice Edwards, Host & Executive Producer of Bay Area Vista and Signature Silicon Valley



Brad Johnson, General Manager & Membership Director at Wingtip

Robert Orben, American humorist and magician said ‘We have enough people who tell it like it is – now we can use a few who tell it like it can be.’ From the first day I made Joy’s acquaintance I could tell that she was not only passionate about her work in showing others how to realize their potential in love and relationships but also possesses a sincerity that is sorely missing in the coaching world. Whether my questions were about business or how to navigate the sometimes uncharted waters of a relationship, she provided very concise and valuable feedback that helped lead to a fantastic outcome.

Joy has accomplished much and continues to impress with her dedication to her craft, so as long as she’s part of my world, I know I can count on her to provide a healthy perspective no matter what situation I find myself facing. Robert must have been thinking of Joy when he penned that quote since she lives by that mantra.” - Brad Johnson, General Manager & Membership Director at Wingtip

Soniyah Singh, Founder of Finding Bliss

Dr. Robert Schuller said ‘Spectacular Achievement is always preceded by spectacular preparation.’ That is what you get from Joy Norderstorm’s speaking, spectacular preparation to go out in the real world and be in love with yourself and learn how to give love without hesitation. Every time you hear her speak you are inspired to take action towards the topic you learned about.  You are captured by her passion and desire to spread the love. She is so in-tune when engaging with her audience, whether its 5 people, 50 or 500. You leave with tips, insight and lessons that you can’t find in a self-help book. I have personally enjoyed all of Joy’s speaking and look forward to more!”


- Soniyah Singh, Founder of Finding Bliss


Irv Spivak, Licensed Ordained Celebrant

Joy puts the ‘joy’ back in Romance! I have had the distinct pleasure and honor to work with Joy on numerous presentations.  She is focused, informative, funny, serious when needed and filled with a joy of life that is hard to ignore!  She presents you with compelling information to help you be a better boyfriend, husband or lover, all with her tongue in cheek ways to successfully navigate the dating/marriage traps.  You might say, she’s your romance caddy!  Choosing your best approaches, teaching you how to understand your partner and they you, cooking for success both in and out of the bedroom and just plain turning your dreams into reality in a way that is supportive and fun to hear.  If you are looking for a romance coach to help with anything from your first date through to the proposal and ending with how to spice your marriage of xx number of years, Joy is the one!” - Irv Spivak, Licensed Ordained Celebrant


Christine Bronstein, Founder of A Band of Wives

At the launch of my community of fabulous women, a social network called A Band of Wives, dedicated to helping women enrich their ties with other women, Joy presented some fascinating new facts, solid wisdom and practical tips on how to bring more passion into our lives by creating thriving romantic relationships. Speaking to those who were single, dating, married, mothers and those who were starting the process over again, her message was timely, powerful and much needed. I love having Joy and her dedication to the message of intelligent love as part of the ABOW’s community. I’m happy to report that Joy was instrumental in helping bring in dozens of the original community members and continues to spread the word to strong, intelligent and creative women to join our movement.”


- Christine Bronstein, Founder of A Band of Wives

Robert Celli, Co-Host What Duvet Said Podcast

I know Joy Nordenstrom to be both a personal and professional dynamo, who offers much-needed calm to navigating the often-stormy seas of romantic relationships. She has been a frequent guest on our podcast, providing a soothing tonic to our decidedly male-steeped relationship dissections. She’s the ringer we call in when we need a sound, practical, and insightful perspective on male/female dynamic. She is mentally acute, unflinching (no matter where the direction of our conversations go), and immensely knowledgeable. But, perhaps the most refreshing quality is her wonderful sense of humor – which we test the bounds of on our show. I would recommend Joy to anyone looking to strengthen his or her romantic bonds. She can be a trusted ally in helping to meet someone through one of the workshops or mixers she hosts. I am a TRUE BELIEVER in her brand of ‘intelligent love’. Trust me, we can be a handful and Joy turns us into putty – no small feet I assure you.” - Robert Celli & Jason Duplissea co-hosts of the “What Duvet Said…” Podcast

Leila Raden, author, model, actress, jewelry designer, Astanga Yoga Instructor

I begrudgingly attended a Joy of Romance event a couple of years ago and was instantly won over by Joy Nordenstrom’s sharp wit and intellect, impressed by her background and her knowledge and just smitten by her sweet and loving energy. Thoughtful, juicy, and spot-on advice is what Joy dishes out when she presents and answers questions during her events. I, being ever the skeptic and POSITIVE that my concerns were impossible to address, actually thought I had Joy stumped with a sharp-shooting question but she jumped all over it with specific ways to work on my personal situation. Her insights were humorous, setting me right at ease for having opened up in such a forum, and yet contained the adequate amounts of serious thought and consideration needed to validate the very act of my having sought out her help.


I was won over and have since become a client. I highly recommend her personal coaching services and the way she tailors her matchmaking to guide her clients to being their best in relationships even before she starts making introductions. She is thorough, warm, and extremely intuitive. I am delighted to have her as a resource in my life and as a referral for my friends in need of love and relationship advice! Joy is the real deal!”  - Leila Raden, Writer, poet, model, actress, jewelry designer, Astanga Yoga Instructor

Scott Catamas, EMMY award winning writer-producer, speaker & radio show host

I am blessed to know Joy as a friend, teacher, gourmet chef and co-facilitator.   It is remarkable how diverse this woman is.  She has a tremendous wealth of knowledge about a wide range of topics, and can put it all together like a delicious souffle.  Joy’s beautiful spirit comes through in every thing that she does.  I always enjoy my time with her, and I always learn from her.  She has an ability to combine FUN with WISDOM, and to present what could be challenging subject matter in a way that anyone can understand and appreciate.”  - Scott Catamas, EMMY award winning writer-producer, speaker & radio show host

Christina Marie, Television Host of SF LIVE TV


One of the most frequent guests on my show, SF LIVE TV, Joy Nordenstrom is a pure treat! Joy is very informative, thoughtful, and FUN as she discusses topics that enhance the romance and joy of couplehood, making the science of sexuality a blast, or sharing tasty ideas to reel in the perfect potentials! I highly recommend Joy as an effective relationship coach, inspired ‘romantic event’ planner, or wonderfully intuitive matchmaker. No more excuses! Just call Joy!”




- Christina Marie, television host of SF LIVE TV

Mike B., VP of an International Company

My work with Joy of Romance allowed me to strengthen my confidence, recognize what I needed in a partner and approach the way I connected with women from a new perspective. Joy introduced me to a few beautiful women but I actually found my current girlfriend on my own within a month of completing our initial coaching sessions. I was a bit reluctant about needing 10 coaching sessions

but am so happy I did them because the knowledge I gained enabled me to weather the first major bump in my relationship with a healthy approach—much better than I have in my past relationships. There is a good chance that bump may have derailed the entire relationship without Joy’s coaching and doing the exercises and reading she recommended. I would encourage any of my friends –whether in a relationship or looking for a new partnership, to work with Joy.”

- Mike Bannister, VP of Lotus Bakeries

Joy & Adryenn Ashley, social media guru, award winning author & speaker

Powerful, unique, scientifically researched and always fabulous, Joy Nordenstrom’s practical and passionate wisdom on how to conjure a passionate, thriving relationship helped me more than words can express. Whether during her one-on-one coaching sessions or her classes and fun-filled events, I am a raving fan of how she approaches love, romance and filling up our own happiness quotient.

Speaking to a packed event of 120 attendees or in an intimate course for sixteen, Joy engages her audience, uses real world examples we can all relate to and makes us feel like we have the reigns to become our best, whether we are in a relationship or searching for our most perfect partner. Joy has taught me how to more authentically, effectively and efficiently connect with those I care most about most.”

- Adryenn Ashley, Founder of Wow Is Me!, social media guru, award winning author & speaker

Eugene Lee, video and technology consultant

What can I say? Joy knows Love. She knows how to help you find, build, and sustain love. My girlfriend and I have been together for the past four years and I don’t know if we could’ve gotten this far, especially without her show on iTunes, Intelligent Love: 411 for Men. It’s easy to listen and gets straight the point. Her events are definitely worthy of attending and one-on-one visits are a must. When you know it’s time to get serious about love, regardless if you’re looking for it or already in a relationship, Joy has to be on your contact list.”

- Eugene Lee, video and technology consultant


Dannah Lewis, Co-Host of "Two Girls and a Wine Guy"

My experience with Joy has been educational, affirming and absolutely warm and positive. In a fast-paced world where people want and are missing that big, juicy love in their lives yet so focused on careers, it is a gift to have Joy’s passion and commitment to healthy, joyful romantic love illustrated through her words and actions everyday. Joy’s workshops, one-on-one’s, and daily messages posted through social media are truly educational and insightful tools to help you find, build, and maintain great romantic relationships.”

- Dannah Lewis, Marketing Director of The Bar Method and Founder of Delicious Lifestyles



Laura Fenamore, CEO of OnePinky.com

From the moment I met Joy I knew that her name was synonymous with her business, Joy of Romance.  She embodies JOY & LOVE! She educates people how to find romance and keep it going so that they can have their own ‘happily ever after’ story.

If any of you reading this are feeling skeptical about finding someone to trust to find you the person of your dreams, you got this far, I suggest you take action now and see what magic Joy and the team at Joy of Romance, Inc. can bring to your life.

Joy of Romance is worth your time and money. I feel lucky to have had the great fortune to find and work with Joy of Romance. It changed my life in the best way possible.”

- Laura Fenamore, CEO of OnePinky.com