Personal Note from Joy:

What I learned from failure

A decade ago I was in a marriage that was headed downhill quickly. At that time, I was struck by how little I or my friends or family really knew about maintaining a healthy, love-filled relationship. Heading into the eighth year of that relationship, as the song goes “we lost that loving feeling,” and I looked everywhere for sound advice on how to get us back on track. Convinced that marriage therapy was doing more to hurt than help us, I found that the other vein of help through various religious-based tracks was also not a good fit for us. The marriage unraveled before we figured it all out, but I learned one really important thing: great relationships have everything to do with the individuals in it. I started Joy of Romance, Inc. to help people master being a faster picker and a better partner.

My curiosity to find out what makes a relationship stand the test of time lead me to get my MBA and travel around the United States learning from my favorite teachers and mentors –Dr. Helen Fisher, Dr. John Gottman, Dr. Paul Ekman, Dr. Dan Siegel to name a few. But it wasn’t until 2010 when a series of life altering experiences really cemented this as my life’s mission. A major car accident, a bout with cancer, an un-engagement and the discovery of a brain tumor with subsequent 10.5 hour surgery to remove it that threatened my ability to smile- these things totally rocked my world. Surviving and thriving post 2010 left me with the clear perspective that what matters most in life is love and relationships.

I’m currently blessed to be in a wonderful partnership with someone who wants to make this the best relationship of his life as much as I do. Creating and celebrating life’s little moments with my partner are one of the keys to our success. We don’t take one another or life in general for granted. Each day is a gift.

I would be delighted to learn more about your story and how I might be able to bring more love and joy to your relationships.


Much happiness,



Joy’s Background:

Before founding Joy of Romance, Inc. in 2005, Joy Nordenstrom ran the operations of several businesses ranging from motorcycle import/export to entertainment to international wine sales. Joy explains that close relationships are what made her work both rewarding and successful. After receiving a BA in both Communications and Economics, with a minor in psychology, she got an MBA in Entrepreneurship from Mills College. She went on to passionately pursue learning what makes relationships thrive by traveling the US to study with renowned experts and by becoming a certified matchmaker from the Matchmaking and Behavioral Science Institute in New York City. Joy currently lives in the San Francisco Bay Area with her love and their new baby boy.


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