Episode 1: Introduction to Intelligent Love: 411 for Men

Intelligent Love 411 for Men: Introduction
Explore the chemistry, psychology and practical wisdom of passionate and thriving relationships by watching and subscribing to Intelligent Love: 411 for Men. Joy of Romance, Inc. Founder and CEO, Joy Nordenstrom was inspired to incorporate the depth and breadth of her career experiences, plus her studies of neuroscience and interpersonal relationships, into a company designed to bring more love into the world. With the 50% divorce rate, she realized there was an extreme absence of positive role models for couples that want to make their relationship not merely survive but thrive. Throughout her research, teaching, coaching and event hosting, Joy found, more specifically, there was a definite absence of materials for gentlemen geared to cultivating positive, long term relationships. To fill that void, Joy created the vodcast series Intelligent Love: 411 for Men.

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