Intelligent Love

Intelligent Love: 411 for Men

Intelligent Love © is the product line behind the Joy of Romance, Inc. brand. Through Intelligent Love products, we strive to make the “how to” of being your very best in relationship, fun, sexy and intelligent. The Intelligent Love line of videos, products and events are designed with the purpose of giving you a deeper understanding of the science, psychology and practical wisdom that is available to support you in creating and maintaining a passionate and thriving relationship. We understand there is no cookie-cutter, one-size-fits-all solution for making relationships work. Everyone is unique and they bring to a partnership their own, individual perspective.

Intelligent Love provides clarity about some of the overarching ways in which men and women are hardwired. When you gain an understanding of your relationship patterns you will be able to work with them instead of being blindly piloted by them. Through Intelligent Love, we explore ways to help you better understand yourself and your partner in order to encourage harmony and growth.

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